Bunnies, teapots, and noise

I should be able to have regular Internet access soon. For now, I’d like to share some of the experiments I did with coloring 3D objects with the help of Ken Perlin’s simplex noise in Mathematica. (Relatedly, I’ve found that the implementation of improved Perlin noise supplied in the Mathematica help file has a few subtle flaws, which I was able to fix. That would be for another blog entry, though.)

Here are some of the results of coloring the Utah teapot with simplex noise:

Utah Teapot with simplex noise coloring

Here are some results of coloring the Stanford bunny with simplex noise:

Stanford Bunny with simplex noise coloring

I never would have thought that Mathematica would ever be able to do graphics as fancy as this. I’ll only note that none of these used the Texture[] construct; both models in fact used simplex noise as solid textures (i.e. an RGBColor[] associated with each point in the model).

I might write a (series of) more descriptive post(s) on these things much later; for now, these pictures, entirely generated in Mathematica (no post-processing at all!) will have to suffice.


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