A little personal update

Some people may have been wondering about my increasingly frequent absences on the Internet. I am writing this in an attempt to assuage them.

An admission first: this year has not been very kind to me on matters of health. Since January, I have had two approximately month-long (and rather unwilling) hiatuses of my Internet activity, all due to poor health. I am not all that well, physically (and even more unfortunately, fiscally) speaking, so it hurts a fair bit to pay for medicines and such, not to mention the irritating and unproductive boredom of being confined to a bed for almost an entire day, for weeks. (Can’t write nice code or make beautiful art when even a glance at an LCD screen triggers painful headaches, after all.)

I am hoping to be able to resume normal activities and participation (on Stack Exchange and a few other sites) sometime soon, even though I have not fully recovered. Hopefully, I have Internet access again next week (as I am writing this on an Internet shop, before I go home).

I can only hope that y’all are in way better shape than I am. Be well, people.

~ Jan

P. S. On a lighter note, here’s an old Perlin-ized shell I did back in 2011:


I really should start a gallery one of these days.


5 Responses to A little personal update

  1. Bill Wilburn says:

    Hello J.M.:

    I just wanted to drop you a note telling you how much I really enjoy your Mathematica work on SE and Community. I’m probably invisible mostly to you, but I’m usually there several times a day, gleaning what help I can get for Mathematica. I go by Bill W. I’m a retired aerospace worker, and a wanna-be mathematician and Mma user. It’s one of my hobbies. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with me and the rest.

    Have a nice day,

    Bill Wilburn

  2. Henrik Schumacher says:

    Dear Jan,

    It’s quite some time ago that we were in contact on Mathematica.StackExchange. I hope you are well.



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